Apr 26, 2012

Wehr Nature Center

Today I went to the Wehr Nature Center.
It is a lot of fun. I Volunteer there. While we are hiking the trails we pick up litter and greet other hikers and answer questions. In May we will be helping once a week with the planting, seed collection and other gardening jobs. We also help out at the centers events. We get to wear cool vests and have name tags so other hikers and visitors know that we are volunteers and are there to help them.
 Me taking a break

 Me with the litter stick


Walking one of the trails

You can walk on trails,watch birds, And much much more! Did I say that they have events? No? Well then lets get to it then! Some of the events like Cider Sunday you can get some apple juice and and learn  all about cider. On  Bug day you can hold spiders and other bugs! It is a lot of fun you guys should go look it up on the internet! It is the coolest nature center I have ever seen! Anyways, There are so many things to do there I wont be able to name them all. You will have to go check it out for yourself! The center is also starting a homeschool field trip program that my mom and I are going to help out with.

   Ethan, And his world.

Check out some of the nature shots I got today!

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